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Jutheau-Husson Yachting

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Insurance Provider
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Nicolas Mior

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Sail away in peace of mind.

Whether you are a captain or an owner of a small boat or a large yacht, you have only one objective: to sail with peace of mind.

When it comes to yachting and pleasure boating, the risks are numerous, and the sums involved often considerable.
Regardless of the circumstances – navigation, operation of the vessel, maintenance, health and safety of the crew, safety of passengers – it is essential that you take out insurance cover that can meet all of your needs.

In addition to appropriate cover, first-class personalised service allows you to fully enjoy your vessel.

"Networking and Collaboration: By joining the association, we can network and collaborate with other professionals and companies in the yachting sector. This can lead to business opportunities, partnerships, and a broader network of industry contacts."