Joining Process

& fee

  1. To be eligible to become a Cluster Yachting Monaco member, members must have a minimum of two years of operation as a Monaco company in the Principality.
  2. A copy of the Extrait RCI will be requested along with the names of two existing Cluster Yachting Monaco members as referees (two ideally, if not one).
  3. A link to the online application form can be found here:
    Membership Application
  4. Each new member is voted in by the board providing the Extrait RCI and at least one of two names of existing Cluster Yachting Monaco members was provided as referees.
  1. Subject to approval, your application will then be confirmed and an invoice issued.
  2. Membership needs to be renewed annually.
  3. Membership runs from 1st January to 31st December every year.
  4. The board will then announce your joining at the next event and in the weekly newsletter.
  5. The project manager will schedule a one on one business meeting at the members' office to explain all the benefits and ensure you are getting the most out of your membership.
Fees for members
1500 euro year
* Subject to change on an annual basis.
For partnership opportunities, please contact:


"The Cluster represents a unique opportunity to meet and create synergies between the stakeholders of all fields of the Yachting community in Monaco.
It also provides a collective voice to showcase to the local authorities and the general public alike, the importance and the relevance of our industry within the Principality and beyond."
Espen Øino International SAM
"We believe there is a symbiotic relationship between our two 'homes': With our world-class Dutch pedigree, Oceanco builds the most advanced and exciting yachts in the world. Monaco continues to build a global reputation as the capital of advanced yachting, with a focus on commercial and sustainable growth. As members of the Cluster we can make an even greater impact."
"Work together, exchange and network with industry experts. Together shape and develop the yachting industry."
"We have been based in Monaco for nearly 50 years and we recognise the importance of Monaco as being the heart of yachting. We felt that the Cluster further reinforced our commitment to Monaco, the yachting industry and the continuation of improving professional standards for the benefit of clients and professional yachting companies. Collaboration on important matters such as sustainability are also key in identifying how we can as an industry ensure that we are moving forward in a responsible manner."
"If there is one premise each and every client should always be able to rely on in their expectations of being supported by the best in yachting - it is that behind every individual provider, there lies a wider industry focused on forever curating and sharing the greatest insight, best practice and experience for the benefit of all. The Yachting Cluster Monaco is one such association that brings together some of the most insightful and passionate players and ambassadors this industry has today. At Fraser, we are proud to play our part in your shared drive for curating still greater excellence in yachting."
"We are proud to have joined the Cluster Yachting Monaco since its inception as it’s uniquely positioned to bring together all the players from the yachting industry that make a difference by openly sharing knowledge and collaboratively supporting the Monaco Capital of Advanced Yachting program."
Vripack Sarl
"The best way to promote the Yachting sector of Monaco and create the synergy between the various actors around Yachting and UHNWI."
ONLY YACHT Superyacht Insurance

Interested in becoming a
Cluster Yachting Monaco member

"Give us the means to work together. The Cluster provides a showcase open to the world of a growing sector that has a direct and indirect impact on the economy. It is up to us to highlight our strengths and promote our destination as a centre of excellence, with the goal being to affirm Monaco as the capital of yachting."

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Cluster Yachting Monaco member

If you are successful in your application to become a Cluster Yachting Monaco member, we will carefully collect your data to enhance your member experience