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“The ultimate fusion of unparalleled service and maritime excellence in the heart of the Principality”
Cluster Yachting Monaco

The Cluster Yachting Monaco is a centre of competitiveness uniting 100 interdependent organisations and companies operating in the same sector, aims to bring together all shore-based yachting professionals working in the Monaco marketplace. It was established on the initiative of a top level committee (Conseil Stratégique pour l'Attractivité de Monaco) set up by the Monaco Government in 2019.

In accordance with the wishes of all its members, Yachting Monaco Cluster is there to provide a platform of communication between yachting professionals in the Principality.

The primary goal is to interact and generate dialogue with decision-makers and develop synergies, with a willingness to be open to other related business sectors.


The Cluster Yachting Monaco Association was founded in 2014 by Bernard d'Alessandri, General Secretary of Monaco Yacht Club with the aim to promote, develop, and unite the yachting industry in Monaco, a dynamic network of industry professionals and stakeholders.

The association's members are made up of yacht builders, brokers, maritime lawyers, financial services, crew training establishments, yacht management companies, and many more shore-based industry professionals and associations.

Cluster Yachting Monaco has the crucial support of the Monaco government and other important economic bodies of the Principality, which recognise the importance of the yachting industry to the principality, and actively collaborate with the association to ensure its members receive the necessary support to thrive.

Mission & Vision

To promote Monaco's yachting industry
Cluster Yachting Monaco works to raise the profile of Monaco's yachting industry on a global scale. By fostering international relationships, the association promotes Monaco as a world-class destination for yachts, yachting events, and industry expertise.

To encourage innovation
Cluster Yachting Monaco supports innovation in the yachting sector by acting as a platform for the exchange of ideas and by fostering collaboration between members. This promotes a culture of innovation and ensures that Monaco remains at the forefront of yachting development.

To develop the yachting workforce
The yachting sector is highly skilled, and Cluster Yachting Monaco recognizes the need to attract, develop, and retain the best talent. The association provides training and education opportunities for its members, ensuring a highly skilled and professional workforce for the industry.

To act as a representative of the yachting industry in Monaco
Cluster Yachting Monaco represents the interests of the yachting industry in Monaco. The association actively engages with government bodies, industry groups, and other stakeholders to promote the interests of the yachting sector in Monaco.

Interested in becoming a
Cluster Yachting Monaco member

"Give us the means to work together. The Cluster provides a showcase open to the world of a growing sector that has a direct and indirect impact on the economy. It is up to us to highlight our strengths and promote our destination as a centre of excellence, with the goal being to affirm Monaco as the capital of yachting."

Yachting events in Monaco

A range of global yachting events are set
to take place in 2023.